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I Like to think every sweet success begins with having something to do. Life gives many options to see the same things differently; at least, that’s what it did for me. I could have looked at my life and the ongoing turn of events as always hard, unfair, and overwhelming, but I noticed it was through this chain of events that I developed the art of creativity at a very young age. I was always limited; because of this, I often made something out of nothing. This taught me to have discipline, character, and persistence to get and do things the way I wanted to get what I deserved. Also, my creativity was enhanced through my cheesecakes, friends, family, and peers. I turned my passionate baking hobby into a way of spreading joy to as many people as possible. I did this by loading up my cooler with treats and gave to my husband to give to his friends. I would even make Facebook posts!

My desire for Sugga Shaii Sweets is that people all over the world can eventually have access to a little more sweet happiness in every bite. A truly special feeling comes from treating yourself to this decadent dessert. That feeling is exactly why I continue creating new styles and delicious flavors for all to taste. Seeing the excitement on my customers’ faces and knowing that I helped give them a joyful experience is why I do what I do. My inspiration for baking these delicious treats is my mom Rosemary Smith and my grandmother Ethel Mae Smith; she was notorious for candy and sweets she kept in her purse as well as the dessert that was always at home.

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